Graphic Body Cam Footage Shows Killer Cop as He Murders an Innocent Unarmed Man

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Epileptic Woman Writes ‘God Help Me’ in Her Own Blood as She’s Gang Raped by Officers

WATCH: Mexican drug cartel beheads two of ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán’s men with chainsaw and knife (DISTURBING VIDEO)

Paris mayor pans black feminist event over white exclusion

PARIS (AP) — The mayor of Paris has strongly criticized and is threatening to cancel an upcoming festival for black feminists where four-fifths of the event space will be open exclusively to black… Continue reading

WATCH: Man Prevents a Murder by Disarming Attacker, Police Show Up and Kill Him

WATCH: Innocent Man Mauled nearly to Death as Cops sic K9 on Him with No Warning

Harris County, TX — Don’t do anything wrong, some say, and you won’t have to worry about the police hurting you. While this seems logical enough, in police state USA, nothing could be… Continue reading

Cop Admits to Raping 14yo Girl AT SCHOOL, no Jail, Won’t Register as Sex Offender


College football ‘star’ & rapist urinates on victim’s face saying: ‘That’s for 400 years of slavery, you bitch’

Trump said that Saudi Arabia was behind 9/11; now he’s bowing before them

Trump said that Saudi Arabia was behind 9/11; now he’s bowing before them: US and Saudi Arabia sign arms deals worth $110 billion: At least Trump isn’t bowing before the Saudis,… Continue reading

Zakir Naik: Why India wants to arrest the preacher


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