Kyokushin rubbish: Bulgarian crook Nadin Petrova aka Nadia Petrova, Nadine Petrova (@nadin4e) etc/Lechi Kurbanov vs Hristo Hristov

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The person who falsely reported the video under the name ‘Kyokushin Karate, Kyokushin Karate’ is a Bulgarian obese, menopausal woman named Nadin Petrova aka Nadia Petrova, Nadine Petrova etc (@nadin4e) from Sofia who hates beautiful women (fighters); a failed karateka who’s biggest ‘achievement’ in life is stealing other people’s content and trying to make money out of it. And then, she calls herself (on her Twitter handle) ‘CEO’ of ‘random company name found on the Internet’.

Her Facebook profile:
Her stolen videos on YouTube: (if she weren’t in Bulgaria, she would face criminal charges for some of those videos)
This is the source of the video that I posted: – it is not (Petrova’s email address: The video does not belong to Petrova or The content of the video is owned by IKO Kyokushinkaikan ( and it is available on the Internet via a CC/NC license. is nothing more than a Bulgarian website that leeches on other people’s content for profit.
The Bulgarian crook falsely reported the video because Hristo Hristov is Bulgarian, too, and he lost badly against the great Lechi Kurbanov of Chechnya, Russia.

…And Bulgarians wonder why the outside world sees them as nothing more than a of bunch of unscrupulous Gypsies (thief/crook/traitor/cross-your-own-mother-if-you-have-to mentality)… Petrova is a great representative of that ‘great’ culture – Petrova is a ‘great’ representative of Kyokushin Karate, ‘The Ultimate Truth’.