(VIDEO) Leftists in Spain viciously attack woman for wearing Spanish flag on bracelet

Agents of the National Police have arrested six of the presumed perpetrators of a brutal beating given to a young girl by a group of hooded youths, supposedly left-wing radicals, early in the morning of last Sunday in the bar area around Plaza de Santa Eulalia de Murcia, according to sources within the investigation.

…The same sources confirm that the first hypotheses about the event point to a fight between different groups of radicals of different ideologies.

The girl, who is recovering from the wounds, has a broken tooth and injuries to her face and abdomen, although fortunately they do not seem serious. These were caused by the beating she received from around a dozen people at the doors of the bar Boca del Lobo, as can be seen in a video recorded by a passer-by.


The girl supposedly had images of the Spanish flag on her bracelet. In some parts of Spain, this could have been interpreted as a reaction by nationalist or separatist groups to the symbol of the Spanish flag. However, this incident took place in Murcia, which has no significant nationalist movement that I am aware of. This is simply a case of leftists attacking a patriot. Politicians are silent. Feminists are silent. Yet if the victim was a Muslim or leftist, a chorus of public denunciation would inevitably have followed.

Exactly the same thing is happening to Trump supporters in the US (link).

Throughout our civilisation, leftist militants launch physical attacks on patriots, while the leftist media covers up these incidents or, in some cases, openly celebrates them. Yet the slightest incident involving an immigrant or brown person being called name or being told to “go back to your country” (link) can be sure of a lavish reception.

The biased depiction of current events mirrors the false historical narrative that has been imposed on us. We are told that “racism” is evil because it leads to mass extermination. Yet the greatest mass exterminations of the 20th century were driven by political discrimination, not discrimination based on ancestry; and they were perpetrated by the Left, not the Right.

UPDATE: The people arrested have already been released. Leftists are justifying this attack, just like the one on Richard Spencer.

The actor Willy Toledo, a well-known fringe leftist, said describe the victim as “human garbage” and said this:

“Three of the women who participated would have been enough and more than enough to put her ugly mug in, as she no doubt deserved.”

One of the people who has been arrested is a politician! He was a candidate for the Izquierda Unida [United Left] party in Murcia in the previous local elections. His name is Alejandro Espín Sogo, known as ‘Topi’.


UPDATE: See a follow-up to this post here (link).