No, Joe Rogan; Dutch Kickboxing is not a variation of Muay Thai

‘A lot of people who ask me about the origins of our style of kickboxing are under the impression that the Dutch style of kickboxing is a variation of Muay-Thai which is not correct. The Dutch learned kickboxing in Japan where it derived from Karate.
Kyokushin Karate master Mas Oyama had created a culture where his students where always testing themselves trying to improve their Karate. His right hand man and master in his own right Kenji Kurosaki took this to the next level by taking inspiration from western boxing, Muay Thai and even JuJutsu/Judo to develop his style of Shin Kakuto Jutsu aka Kickboxing.
Kenji Kurosaki ended up training Dutch Kyokushin Karate fighters John Bluming, Jan van Looijen, Jan Plas and Peter van de Hemel who where all in their own way important for the development of Kickboxing in the Netherlands.’ Via @antoni_hardonk.