Metamoris 7: Garry Tonon submits promoter Ralek Gracie

Metamoris on the other hand, uses a different ruleset, and again it resulted to mostly draws. The only submission of the night was on the main event, where Garry Tonon took on the show’s promoter, Ralek Gracie.

 Despite weighing about 40 lbs lighter, Tonon was able to score a nice toe hold to kneebar finish to get the tap near the 15 minute mark of their match.
Metamoris 7 - Garry Tonon submits promoter Ralek Gracie

The rest of the ‘submission only’ matches ended up without any of that.

Metamoris 7 Results:

Garry Tonon def. Ralek Gracie by kneebar

Bruno Malfacine vs Jeff Glover (draw)

Richie Martinez vs Kevin Casey (draw)

Satoshi Ishii vs Vladimir Matyushenko (draw)

 Fabio Leopoldo vs Eduardo Telles (draw)

Stephen Martinez vs Morgan Neidlinger (draw)

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