(VIDÉO) « Pour le monde entier, la France est une nation de lâches »

Agressé par 4 Tsiganes dans le métro parisien devant des moutons :




Violée dans le train devant des passagers indifférents :


Arrivée en gare de Melun, la jeune femme a encore été suivie par son agresseur. (Photo: AFP)




Bas Rutten et Don Frye charrient les Français :




La France – nation of cowards (La France – nation de lâches)’ :capture-20160403-110945


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Mathieu Dutour Sikiric

Mathieu Dutour Sikiric, Lived there for 28 years.

The key reason is the loss against Hitler’s army in 1940. It was an astonishingly fast defeat. The Germans were very well prepared, but actually their army was inferior, see The Wages of Destruction for details. We lost by stupidity. But we also lost by cowardice: My grandmother told me that she saw as a kid two German soldiers taking around 50 French soldiers prisoners.

All the story after, the Free French Forces, French Resistance, First Indochina War, Algerian War, Force de dissuasion


is a desperate attempt to reverse that. I disagree with the Indochine war being proof of cowardice. We were honorably military beaten and the American as well by the same general Võ Nguyên Giáp. In Algeria, the French Army eventually succeeded in regaining control but the General de Gaulle had to give independence in order to keep France a democratic state.


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